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Welcome to ED TakeTwo. 

This is a community for those relapsing into an eating disorder. A place to discuss pretty much anything related to that. Here are my stats

AGE: 17
HT: 5"2 1/2
CW: ???
HW: 123
LW: 96
ED: Anorexia (diagnosed by doctor)

Phase 1:

Started when i was 15. I had gained some weight (I was at 120 lbs) and decided to loose it. I ate a little less every day. One less side dish with lunch. Then have two side dishes but no main dish. Then we did a huge unit on the Holocaust. Things went downt the crapper because i no longer deserved to eat, and i was too sickeningly privliged. No lunch at all. At that time I was around 103. That fall i ate better, actually, but dropped to my LW. Then, a mirical. 

I wanted to recover. 

I was still scared of it, but i started increasing my cals, excersizing less, ect. I stopped going on these sites. My recovery wasnt going quickly enough for my parents. They decided to go on the Maudsly approach, force feeding me, punishing me (LITTERALLY!!!!) with food. I want not allowed to cry. 

Since then i've only wanted to get sick again, but I've only just recently lost weight. I've developed a nice little phobia of scales, but i'm guessing i weigh....109? Maybe less. Probably more. 

Well, thats it for my history. Now this; some questions for you:

1. Do you find it easier the second time around, or harder?

2. Do your parents know?

3. Did your body change shape? (mine did. I store fat differently now)

4. How has your ED evolved?

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