September 4th, 2008

(no subject)

I'm so confused. I binged yesterday and on the 1st. And if *feel* like i'm gonna binge today. I KNOW i'm gaining wieght and turning into a fat lard!!!


I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, and my parentsare getting suspicious of me again. I'm terrified that i'll stand on that scale and the number will be too low and that will make me happy but i'll be in a shitload of trouble. I'm scared of standing on that scale and having it be too high and that will make me feel like crap but will make them happy and keep my ass out of trouble.

So part of me is saying 'go ahead. Binge today. You dont want to get in trouble.'
and Part of me is saying 'fat lard. You're going to stand on that scale and see what you deserve!!!'

And i have no clue weather i should eat today or not. Help please!!!